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Foundation Course in Yoga


Course overview

Foundation Course in Yoga (FCY) is a one-month programme that explores the fundamental concepts of Yoga & Yogic Practice. There are no eligibility criteria and no entry exams for this course. Candidates passed in Highschool, Intermediate, Graduation are equally eligible .

Course Highlights


One month


No criteria

Teaching medium

Online or Yoga Studio

Examination Medium

Online or Exam Center

Online Programme Fee

Studio Programme Fee

The "Pracheen" benefits

As aforementioned, the course (FCY) lasts 1 month, and students will learn according to YogKulam's syllabus, with practical sessions completing in around 10 days and students learning other subjects for the following 10 days via online classes. The sole distinction is that online students will only attend practical classes and other subject classes via online medium, whilst studio students will take practical classes at the Pracheen Yoga Studio in Lucknow. The certification exams will be announced during the sessions. YogKulam will announce the results and will provide the certificates to the students within three months following the test.

However, with Pracheen Yoga as the host, the online students are receiving a discount of Rs 200 on their fee as compared to the direct admission fee from YogKulam, and the studio students will receive 20 days (10 + 10) of practical classes at no extra cost, as well as a certificate from Pracheen Yoga as a reward for participating in 10 days of extra practical classes, which will help them get recognized for their hours of hard work and practice.

FCY Syllabus

Topic 1 - Yoga Introduction

  1. What is Yoga?

  2. Meaning and definition of Yoga

Topic 2 - Asanas

  1. What is Asanas?

  2. Explanation and practice of Asanas

  3. Subtle exercises

Topic 3 - Pranayama

  1. What is Pranayama?

  2. Explanation and practice of Pranayama

  3. Benefits and precautions during Pranayama

Topic 4 - Mudra and Bandha

  1. What is Mudra and Bandha?

  2. Type of Mudra and Bandha

  3. How Mudra and Bandha affects human body


Topic 5 - Shat Kriya

  1. What is Shat Kriya

  2. Types of Shat Kriya

  3. How Shat Kriya cleans human body

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