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About Pracheen Yoga

Yoga is for everyone! Yoga is a Sanatan mind and body exercise that is available to everyone regardless of religion, gender, age, race, or class. Yoga was invented or discovered in India thousands of years ago. There was a time when everybody was equal and there was no race, class, or borders between nations. It is said that Hinduism is the creator of yoga and the saints were the first to discover this advanced knowledge through their meditation powers.

Hinduism is a way of life, not a religion. In the modern world, Hinduism is treated like a religion, but unlike other religions, there is no known creator of it. Hinduism is the modern name for Sanatan Dharma. And Sanatan gave us the knowledge of yoga. This knowledge is so powerful that it has deep effects on our mind and body.

So what is yoga? Yoga means union with the universe. According to Sanatan, the universe is within us. So, Yoga is directly or indirectly defined as the union with yourself. The practice of Yoga leads your individual consciousness to unite with the universal consciousness, indicating a perfect balance between mind and body. Yoga helps us understand the language of nature. Nature is above all and we, the individuals, are a part of nature, and Yoga helps us to get closer to it.

The Organic Yoga | Pracheen Yoga | Certified Best Yoga and Meditation Centre based in Lucknow

The Organic Yoga

With time, everything evolves. It is believed that evolution is good for society, but with evolution we are getting distracted from our roots. Yoga is the knowledge of our roots and with evolution it got modified by different people to make it look less boring. With all these modifications, yoga got monetized and the new fancy yoga, with less intensity and more fun, evolved in the western culture, hence, losing its credibility and originality. This is why "Pracheen Yoga" came into existence to bring back the original or organic form of yoga.

International Yoga Day

Since 2015, Yoga Day has been celebrated internationally on June 21st. In an address to the United Nations General Assembly, the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, urged the world community to adopt the International Yoga Day.


The ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) is responsible for research and development of profound ancient Indian knowledge and focusing attention on health and wellness practices.

International Yoga Day | 21st June | Pracheen Yoga | Certified Best Yoga and Meditation Centre based in Lucknow
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The Founder and the Firm!

The founder of the Pracheen Yoga Modern Studio and Meditation Centre is Vikash Singh Rajput Ji. He has dedicated his entire life to learning about sports, meditation, yoga, and fitness. He was always keen to learn new things. In his early days, he used to play sports, and cricket was his favorite. He was a great cricketer and won several medals, prizes, and certificates. His name was published in newspapers for his achievements. He was associated with the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) and used to play in state board tournaments organised nationally and internationally.

Along with cricket, Vikash Ji has shown his interest in learning Yoga and has attended some of the Shivirs organised by Patanjali Yoga under the proponent of Yoga and Ayurveda, Swami Ramdev Ji. This was the time when he began his journey into fitness and wellness. It is said that yoga has no end, and once you are touched by the great power of something, your hunger to learn and achieve more in life will grow continuously and this is what happened to Vikash Ji.

In his search to achieve inner peace and tranquility, he found Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand Ji, a spiritual leader and the founder of ShivYog. Dr. Shivanand Ji is the father of Indian Healing and teaches the various paths of becoming one with the universe. Vikash Ji has attended various Shivirs organised by ShivYog in which he learned the importance of Sadhana, Seva, and Sankirtan. In Sadhna, he learned deep meditations like Sambhavi and Srividya, along with various mind and body healing meditations. He also learned the science behind the chakras, mantras, and yantras. Vikash Ji has lived on balanced and positive life principles, having studied Durga Saptsati, Swadhyay, chantings, and the science behind spirituality.

Vikash Singh Rajput | Founder | Pracheen Yoga | Certified Best Yoga and Meditation Centre based in Lucknow

Vikash Ji has cleared his 12th in Science and did his graduation in B.Com (Hons.) from Kolkata. After playing cricket for so many years, he moved to Lucknow with his family to research and practice his knowledge of yoga and meditation. In his hard-earned knowledge-gathering journey, he then learned various physical exercises from different experts in the field and also learned the great knowledge of martial arts. In 2017, he started his first venture into organic farming under the name of Amritasya and achieved some new heights. He started a Gaushala, one of his dream projects for seva, under the same startup. In 2019, on the Kisan Samman Diwas, his startup received the certificate of 2nd Best Gaushala in Ayodhya district from the Honorable Member of Parliament, Shri Lallu Singh Ji.

His part-time hobby is playing the flute, though he is not very good at it. He also learned cooking and baking from one of the best chefs in Lucknow, Chef Alka Singh Tomar Ji, under her cooking institute, Alka's Master Cooking Classes. He learned to cook for the purpose of fulfilling his deep knowledge to provide professional diet plans.

After acquiring deep knowledge from various experts,  Vikash Ji started his journey to learn yoga from the professionals. He is now a qualified and certified National Yoga Instructor from YogKulam after completing one year PG Diploma in Yoga Teacher. He also completed 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course from Rudra Yogpeeth, Rishikesh, affiliated to Yoga Alliance (RYT-500).  2022 was the year when he finally chose Yoga as his profession and founded Pracheen Yoga with the vision of providing the original, or most organic form of Yoga and Meditation services. He also earned the certificate along with the title of Kids Yoga Teacher after completing 95 hours of Kids Yoga Teacher Training from RFM Academy, New Delhi, in December 2022.

Samatvam Yoga Uchyate | Pracheen Yoga | Certified Best Yoga and Meditation Centre based in Lucknow

Samatvam Yoga Uchyate

Pracheen Yoga is based on the principles of the sacred wisdom written in Chapter 2, Verse 48 of the "Bhagawad Gita", in which Lord Krishna Ji said "yoga-sthah kuru karmani, sangam tyaktva dhananjaya, "Be loyal to all your duties by letting go of attachment to success and failure, and such presence of mind is known as Yoga."


According to the Gita, there are 18 types of yoga: Visada, Sankhya, Karma, Gyana, Karma Vairagya, Abhyasa, Paramahamsa Vijnana, Aksara Parabrahman, Raja Vidya Guhya, Vibhuti Vistara, Visvarupa Darsana, Bhakti, Ksetra Ksetranja Vibhaga, Gunatraya Vibhaga, Purusottama, Daivasura Sampada Vibhaga, Sraddhatray Vibhaga and Moksa Updesa.

Why join us?

With the vast knowledge of the original practices of yoga, Pracheen Yoga has so much to offer. Our yoga and meditation classes are for everyone seeking to learn and enhance the power of discipline in their life. Yoga practice is one of the great and scientifically proven methods to achieve a healthy mind and a perfect body.

All our programmes are curated to provide results that will help you achieve your mental and physical goals in no time. At our center, there are no boundaries of age, religion, gender, or class and everybody is treated equally while maintaining the safety, security, and dignity of each and every member. Enroll with us. Our classes are also available online all over India. We are also planning to create courses and go international.

Online Classes | Pracheen Yoga | Certified Best Yoga and Meditation Centre based in Lucknow

Certificate Achieved

Pracheen Yoga - Certified Best Yoga and Meditation Centre based in Lucknow
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